What’s today? Oh yeah, right…

What’s your special day of the year? Feel like making people take notice of what day today is? Want to be a human calendar? I guess there are all sorts of reasons to be a customer of French company This Day. You’re smart people so you’ve probably already guessed it but I’ll say it anyway: the idea is that they sell shirts with every date of the year printed on it. So, the truly ambitious (and rich) could potentially get one for each day of the year (better do it now though, they’re about to start offering shirts in gray and white as well and then you’ll REALLY be up the creek). My greatest problem with a scheme like that would probably be to keep the shirts in order so I could find them on the proper date, but hey, if you can afford to buy close to 400 shirts, you can probably afford a PA or maid too, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking. Order one with your birthday on it and wear it as much as possible during the weeks leading up to it, so when people are confused and ask you – you tell them about your birthday and then they’ll HAVE to remember it. Yeah, I know. Sad. Sorry.

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