Wolfman Cruisers

Back in the day when I was young-ish, getting one of these puppies wasn’t easy. One of my best friends, Pettson, joined this local car-equivalent of a biker gang and had to wait FOREVER to receive his Wolfman Cruisers satin jacket. It was the pre-internet days and I think he was the first new member in a very long time and I remember him wearing the jacket ALL the time once he’d gotten it – summer and winter. Très cool.

These days, all you need is 1500 Swedish crowns (well, you also need to be a club member of course) and it’s yours. Kids today, they have it easy…

Get it here.

Looking through the club photo album, I get a sense the club was a little bit more outlaw-ish back in those days? Or maybe I’ve got them mixed up with the local bikers, Toombstone Twins

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