Oufit of the day

Here’s something I understand other, real fashion bloggers do: write a post with nothing to say but “this is what I’m wearing today”. Well I’ve got two more things than that to say, so I think I’m ok.

First of all, in this photo is another new item I picked up in London, a short-sleeve army surplus shirt with all kinds of little tags and insignia on it. I have no idea if it’s real or not but if it isn’t, they did a pretty good job of it (and it was only 5 pounds so… I dunno). Worn here over my patriotic shirt that I got a while back.

Second I got up this morning, put on clothes without thinking much and realized as I was brushing my teeth that this combo might seem a bit… white trash? gun nut-ish? Inspired by the name tag on the shirt, I christen it my Stormin Norman outfit.

That’s all folks.

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