Royal wedding shirts – about that royal wedding:

People are usually surprised when I say I’m a royalist (and usually it turns them into complete pains in the ass, so I tend to keep it quiet). This doesn’t mean I like the actual persons in the royal family of Sweden, like people seem to think, I just agree with the concept (or, rather, find the alternative even more boring and deprssing).

England is the home of royalism. To say their royal family is important to them would be an understatement. Maybe it reminds them of the days when they had en empire rather than a worn country full of quirks others tend to laugh at (hey, at least they reformed the monetary system, thank god for that). And with a royal wedding coming up, things are crazier than they have probably been since Lady Di died (Die, Di, My darling). So it’s no surprise it’s rubbed off onto t-shirt culture as well. Found these two at Primark.

Sadly, I never found a huge serving tray with William and Kate on it, would have liked to have one. I’ll have to comfort myself with my limited edition public transport card from the Swedish royal wedding last year, I guess.

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