London, the whole shebang!

So, yeah, my PLAN was to take photos with my phone and upload them as I paused for beer in pubs with free wifi, making you feel almost like you were there. Alas, it was not to be. The U.K. is a backwards country. How they can function normally in the international sphere is beyond me, it’s like they pretend it’s 2011 when they all secretly know it’s 1979 and act according to that. So, anyway, here’s some shirt photos from my trip to London. More will follow later, but this is the big bundle.

Let’s start off with a few shirts from Topman. And no – they haven’t gone crazy about yellowish/blue-tinted shirts in the u.k. – it’s just my favorite setting on the cameraphone. Live with it…

Here’s 3 shirts from River Island. The one on the right (with me in it), I bought. Now, I like this company for making nice shirts. But I also hate them for not delivering outside their own country and not accepting non-u.k. credit cards. I hadn’t been home for  more than 5 minutes before my wife’s cat tore holes in my new shirt and now I can’t get a new one even though it’s in their online store. Hello? 2011, remember?

Here’s stuff from Topman, Sainsbury’s (!) and some other place.

The two shirts on stands are from Uniqlo. Top marks for messages but I thought Japan was about coolness and great design – how come these shirts seem to have been designed by some soccer mum who sells them on Cafépress?

Primark. Yes, of course! Well, they had a pretty good selection this year but in the end I only bought the one in the middle. Running this blog has made me more picky I think.

And yes, Johnny Cupcakes – of course we went there. Didn’t buy nothing though – I just don’t like them enough to cough up 40 pounds for those shirts. Very very nice store though (my wife was transfixed by the wall hanging machines or whatever you call them).

Biggest disappointment of the trip? I wasn’t able to find my favorite shirt vendor in Camden. Maybe they’ve quit, maybe they’ve moved, who knows? Stay tuned for Camden photos and some more shirts later this week.

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