I’m going to London, and all YOU’ll get…

is some lousy t-shirts. I hope. Most likely, the next days posts will consist mainly of photos, as I find editing posts on my phone very time consuming and fiddly (and I’ll most likely be tipsy all the time). Anyway, I hope I find some post-worth stuff in Camden, Shoreditch or on Carnaby Street, we’ll see. I’ll be back posting as usual on Wednesday. Till then…

By the way… the shirt pictured here. I mean, who would wear them and why? You want to brag about your friend travelling all the way to London or the fact that he/she likes you little enough to bring you a sucky gift? And the worst part: I remember there were lots of these with “My mum” or “My parents” on them in the 80’s, probably still are – I’ll have a look. That’s truly sad. “Hey kid, we didn’t feel like bringing you to London and here’s a shirt so you can let everyone know about it”. Funny joke, really!

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