Cancer, Famine, Floods, Plagues, Trap Them

Holy crap, is there ANYTHING to dislike about this shirt. I’m gonna start fucking listening to Trap Them so I can buy and wear this shirt. Hell, I might just buy it anyway and pretend I didn’t know it was a band shirt (or pretend I like the band)

To tell you the truth, I’m listening to Trap Them right now and maybe I’m influenced by my feelings for this shirt, but it sounds pretty good to me. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, Shirts and Destroy do great things, I just wish they would work with more bands I like.

Awsome looking, big-ass print with gothic lettering and a skull, great idea and listen to this: “Clear discharge ink exposing the raw cotton beneath Classic Black T-shirts”.

You know you want it. I do. Get it here.

…and listen to Trap Them here, if you don’t have Spotify (even if you do, there are some songs on the Myspace page that aren’t on Spotify and they are good, so…)

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