Fantasy shirts

A while back, I had the idea that I’d write about fantasy litterature shirts. You know, I figure fantasy books are mainly read by geeks like yours truly (yes, it’s one of my dark, no longer very secret, secrets), people who love merch and shirts. Geeks buy band shirts, subculture shirts, joke shirts… it would make a lot of sense for a fantasy author to have a line of shirts, related to the stuff he writes.


It turned out that very few authors had realized this. I don’t know if they just can’t be bothered, if they’re too dumb to realize the money making potential or if they’re just to dumb. And then, among the few that actually did have shirts, most of them were so horrifyingly ugly, there was just no way I was going to help spread the word about them. The only one that got me even remotely interested was this Game of Thrones-inspired shirt picured right. However, that web shop has since closed.  Not only is the print good looking, it’s also related to Greyjoys –  a bunch of mean mofos that live for war and destruction and despise people who try to build and live in peace. “We do not sow”. They do, however, fish, if my memory serves me.

Between them and now, one of my favorite authors, Patrick Rothfuss, has seen the light. Being a brilliant author and blogger, Rothfuss was smart enough to crowd source a bunch of prints and have them printed and is now selling them here. I still wouldn’t wear them but I applaud the initiative.

By now, GoT has been made into an HBO tv series and hey presto, shirts that don’t make you vomit! I still wouldn’t wear them though (and the original Greyjoy shirt was much better) The stigmata of fantasy readers… the shame!

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