More than positive about Less than positive

HELL yes! Less than Positive!

You know… I post all this stuff and some of it is just… average, I guess, but if I like it at least a bit or think it might be of interest to others, I may sometimes post it anyway. You know… that’s just how it is. And sometimes things dry up and you end up posting weaker things than usual, out of cheer boredom.

So, when stuff like this turns up, it makes me happy. Bold, loud shirts with a sense of humor. In Eugene’s own words:

Incorporating designs that are laced with a tinge of cynicism and subversion, Less Than Positive takes potshots at things common and familiar.

They are meant for the days when the quiet rebel inside you wants to wear something politically-incorrect, just for the hell of it. We all have one of those days, be it your blue Mondays or whatever-I-don’t-give-a-shit Fridays.

Oh, I like it!

For some reason, work-related negativism has always held a spot close to my heart.

And there’s more! This is just a few of all the available prints. I love that too – I’ve seen SO many brands start up with a measly three available prints. Ok ok, in all fairness, these are all just mock-ups, so maybe it’s a print-on-demand thing or whatever, but I still like the attitude.

You can find more goodness right here!

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