Feeling good, religious and patriotic

No real news to share, I just wanted to let you know that I wore my new christian/patriotic shirt yesterday and I’m very, very happy with it. That 50/50 cotton-polyester mix… I like it! These days, all shirts are 100% cotton. Sure, they don’t crackle as much with static, but polyester makes clothes dry fast and wrinkle less. Without knowing and considering the environmental aspects of this, I say yay for polyester!

If you think my smile looks a bit strained, holding the phone right, angling my body right and looking into the camera (not my own eyes in the mirror) AND pressing the button is stretching my abilities to the limit.

Oh, that’s right. I also wore my “clean” new ATR shirt yesterday at work and that’s great too. Things are good on the shirt front right now.

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