Mick Jagger in a swastika shirt

Is that really…?

I could be wrong here, but to me, this sure looks like Mick Jagger in the classic swastika “Destroy” shirt designed by Vivianne Westwood (right) and frequently worn by various members of the Sex Pistols (in this photo (center) by Steve Jones). In this day and age, I suppose the whole thing COULD very well be photoshopped though… I wonder what would have happened, had the Stones let themselves be a bit more influenced by bands like the Pistols?

By the way, I think it’s kind of cute how the Sex Pistols seemed to share the same wardrobe. Ok, so “punk” clothing wasn’t easily found at the time and they weren’t rich and it wasn’t like McLaren heaped outfits on them, but still…

The Jagger photo was stolen, as per usual, from Fuck Yeah, T-shirts.

13 Responses to Mick Jagger in a swastika shirt

  1. Anonymous says:

    No, it’s real. He wore the swastika destroy shirt several times on the 78 US tour. In fact, he was wearing it when I saw them in Boulder, August 78.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck??? mick shuld know better!!! this is a slap in the face to all jews!! jagger is a fuckin a-hole!!!!

    • t bone mellone says:

      I saw Jagger in Chicago in ’78 he wore this shirt onstage to give a big FUCK YOU to the American Nazi Party who were marching in Niles , a Jewish suburb of Chicago….

  3. Morgan says:

    oh boo-hoo!
    the swastika is a fucking cool symbol!

    It’s been used for centuries before the Nazis and it will be used centuries after those fuckers.
    Get over it.

    (great writing btw, I can’t believe I’m spending my winter holidays reading ALL your posts…)

  4. Jim says:

    It was pathetic that Mick had to resort to wearing a Destroy T-shirt to appear in tune with the times. He would have probably argued that the garment says “Destroy fascism!” However the original intention by Westward was to shock. She was an artist and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the creator (or the wearer) supported fascist ideals. The punks were certainly not racist. That said, it was a bad idea by Mick and he is caught wearing it on the recent “Some Girls Live In Texas DVD”, which I’m sure embarrasses him in this politically correct 21st century. I do find it uncomfortable in the film and understand that it is an offense to jews even under the banner of ART.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mick can wear anything he wants and still look cool. Get over it cause that symbol has been around for a long time.

  6. d says:

    As a jew writing here, here is my take. Doesn’t really bother me, because the purpose of wearing the shirt wasn’t for racism or jew-hate, it was mick acting like a punk. I don’t know the intention of the women who designed the shirt. The swastika has been used by a lot of anti-socials since WW2 ended. Its purpose by punks and such was to shock people and piss people off. Remember, a lot of english punks wore it knowing a lot of older brits would get upset because its the nazi symbol and germany and england really went at it. So, when the punks over in england wore it, it wasn’t just jews who would get pissed. Nazi Germany targeted and killed a lot of different groups and ethnicities. One point though. The nazi swastika was different than previous carnations of it. So, the argument that the swastika was used before the Nazi party took it doesn’t really fly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the shirt means Destroy Nazism..

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  9. levi says:

    oh my god you idiots have been brainwashed by the damn jew soooo much its not even funny. its sad you all believe the pro-war propaganda posing as history known as the holocaust (nevermind the 30+mil white christians murdered, not by elaborate mythical gas chambers but a realistic pistol shot to the base of the skull, that we actually have mass graves and real proof of done by the JEWISH BOLSHEVIK COMMUNIST NKVD) but the jews run hollywood and hold sooo much influence in the west all you hear about is those little lying fiddlers on the roof. please, if u are truely open minded check out “one third of the holocaust” a great documentary that puts the truth in perspective. go to codoh.com and click the videos link on the top banner. watch some of the very compelling films made and learn the truth about what really happened over there and why there are soooo many myths that over time become found out (soap myth, lampshade myth) ex they shaved their heads as there was a lice spreading typhus epidemic. after allied bombing supplies couldnt come to the camps, the germans left and the inmates succombed to starvation and typhoid fever. the red cross monitered the camps. the germans kept immaculate records. “but the confessions!!??” yes, sighned confessions during the nuremburg showtrials were written in english, a lang. none of the german officers who signed after torture (many of whom reportedly hafd their testicals crushed0 EVEN SPOKE! youve been had. pro war propaganda. the plaq at auschwitz has been changed several times and now reads 1.4 mil. yet our youngins are still indoctrinated and guilted with the six mil figure and will be the mandatory 12 years then some more anti-white guilt trip known as western universities. please ppl. check codoh.com and watch just one of the vids. if nothing else type in the newsppr headline from the 1933-34 (i believe) major news publication the daily express “judea declares war on germany’. there is also a great documentary by the same title. u will notice no pro nazi sentiment in any of the films but a simple search for the truth.

  10. Grnaidz says:

    Watching some girls tour on palladia and he is wearing that shirt

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