…and another thing about Japan

Yeah yeah, we all know it. Japan is fucked. They need help. The nukes disaster part of it… well, call me callous but it’s hard to feel all that sorry for people who build nuclear power plants (well, anywhere I guess, but especially) in a well known earth quake zone. Yeah, I know, regular people didn’t build them, assholes in charge did – just like they want to do in my country too. Anyway, I digress.

Right now, every other shirt company makes Japan shirts and all the benefits go to help the poor people of Japan. Tell you what though. If you want to support, how about giving ALL that money you were planning to get a shirt AND good “karma” out of, to a bona fide disaster relief unit? I recommend the JCCCNC, simply because that’s what Peff said and I trust him completely in this. I bet others are good too if you stick to the sane, good guys.

If you wanna help, that is, and not just get a shirt to commemorate the disaster and let you look like a good guy. I bet them “help Japan” shirts are great conversation pieces too…

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