Politically incorrect shirts

As I was walking back from lunch today, I noticed a charity shop I haven’t seen before and saw they had a bunch of plaid shirts in the window, so I went in to investigate. The shirts were a disappointment and there were no winter coats or suits in my size and so I got ready to leave, when I noticed the t-shirts. Normally in Stockholm, charity shops have crap shirt departments. Don’t know why. Not this one though, it was more like a hipster vintage store, I must say. But what first caught my eye was the gi-fucking-gantic selection of tie-dye shirts! Check it out:

I would imagine nobody buys these, so they build up over time, but I’ve never seen anything like it…

But apart from these, they also had lots and lots of other shirts, most of them american. They can’t possibly have imported shirts to sell at a place like this, can they? Weird…

Anyway, if this one had been a bit smaller, I would have bought it, as I am a great fan of both Thor Heyerdal (and his expeditions) and Tiki culture in general. Sometimes it’s bad to be slimmer than before…

Finally, there were two shirts I just couldn’t leave the store without. Do I need them? No. But I wanted them. We’ll see if they’re keepers or not – if not then I’ll just donate them back or something and I’ll have contributed to some worthy cause. But they were both old and worn in a very nice way, I think they’ll be great for the gym or other off-duty activities.

Both of these have some potential, I feel, to upset high and mighty PC knowitalls in the ‘scene’. We’ll see…

UPDATE: I have now had time to Google “ASYMCA” and it turns out it’s the Armed Services YMCA. So, a christian, patriotic, armed services shirt with an eagle and a flag. I say that scores a lot of points!

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