New shirts! (ATR content)

I post a lot of shirts. Some of them I just complain about, some are just worth mentioning somehow and some are actually nice enough that I would like to own them. But very few are so good that I actually purchase them. I have to limit myself, space AND money-wise. However, you may remember the Atari Teenage Riot shirts I posted a while back. I just couldn’t help myself and a couple of days, these shirts showed up:

I couldn’t be happier. Great fit, nice shirts, nice prints and great service. The “Hellish Vortex Shop” may look a bit primitive, but service was excellent and reasonably fast I must say. Two thumbs up! So, now I have one I can wear at work and one I probably can’t :)

Apart from that, I’ve also received the 84 shirt I showed you earlier. Unfortunately, the description on eBay wasn’t very accurate. The shirt had been washed quite a few times and showed wear in a bad and uncool way (the biggest problem was that it was too wide, especially the bottom half). So… I’ll probably wear it a few times and donate it to charity I guess. Once again, the old proverb about how when you buy quality stuff you only cry once proves to be true.

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