All of a sudden, great Misfits shirts start popping up

Hell… is it just me, or did Misfits shirts suddenly get better-looking? Yeah, yeah, there’s always been a few that are great (the classic skull on black, the Fiend Club shirt) but for the last 10 years, most of them have been hideous! Ever since Jerry Only took the helm, monstrous shirts with large, neon colored prints have been in favor. Today, I spotted the following (allegedly) officially sanctioned shirts over at

Fitted shirts with good looking prints. Nice. They also have all the classics like the ones mentioned above, Horror Business, Bullet and Die, die my darling (I never liked that one though). Hell, there’s even some ok looking prints in the official Misfits store now:

(real sorry about the green glow and poor images, I’m sure Jerry Only is behind this too somehow).

Speaking of green glow by the way, check out this old shirt of mine. Yeah, it’s getting old, even though its a “Newfits” shirt. I bought this on the first European American Psycho tour in 1997, the one with Michael Graves handling the vocals.

The bad thing about it: gi-fucking-gantic skull on the front, a half-inch thick glow-in-the-dark print. The great thing about it: all Sweden dates are taking place in Switzerland according to the tour schedule on the back. Funny stuff…

So, all in all, good times for anyone who needs a new Misfits shirt, I’d say. Which is me. I used to have… ten? But now, all I have is this one pictured above (which I never wear but can’t throw away), a very sad looking white Fiend Club shirt and the one pictured below.

However, seeing as it’s one of my favorite shirts, I’ll probably just see if I can get another one of these next week when I’m in London. There’s a small stall at the Camden Lock market that sells great bootleg shirts. The shirt is really really soft, the print is wafer thin (well, much thinner than a wafer, but you know what I mean, right?) and I love the print. Last time I went there they were out of size L, hope they’ve re-stocked since then.

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