Spray-on clothing

It’s Sunday nite and I’m bored in front of the computer so I thought I’d just share this with ya. Maybe you’ve seen it already. Here’s the scoop:

Scientists at Imperial College London have developed a liquid clothing spray that hardens on the body and turns into a reusable garment.

So, not specifically t-shirt related, I guess you could spray on a pair of pants, a belt or whatever the hell you want, but let’s not get stuck on that, ok? Watch the video of a lady getting sprayed by a scientist instead.

One Response to Spray-on clothing

  1. Urban Daddy says:

    … and then the porno breaks out.

    Oh, this is serious.

    I’d like that, when I’m 40 pounds lighter…

    I’m just hoping my dress shirts fit me so I don’t look like a sausage when I go to the office.

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