Seriously Norway, what the fuck is your problem?

Ok, I know you feel you have every reason to feel hostile towards Sweden. Whe have always made fun of your funny way of speaking, your dorky style, your lack of car industry and another gazillion things that are wrong or laughable about Norway (one of the best examples can be found here). But I mean, come on – the whole black metal thing surely redeemed you a bit on the cultural front (hardly anyone remembers Jan Teigen anymore, I promise) and all that oil money should have wiped out a bit of your little brother complex by now, I would think – with you rolling in dough and us swedes getting poorer every day.

So, with all that in mind, doesn’t it seem a bit… immature to name your apparel brand Anti-Sweden? Is it really that horrible, being Norwegian? Just so you know, we’re not anti-Norway in any way. We just laugh at you and ignore you, pretty much (except for the Troll Hunter movie, that’s like, the best thing ever out of your country).

Also, having a town named Hell is kinda cool, I guess. But still… sheesh, chill the fuck out guys.

Gaiu and Roms waving their hostile flag. Where’s Brummund, guys?

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