Naked, female soccer players

Ah… my sensationalist headlines keep getting worse! It’s not totally unrelated though, have a look at this shirt/shorts combo and you’ll see what I mean.

Just like the last time I posted clothing that makes you look naked, we’re not dealing with apparel here, but aaaaart! This particular artwork is called “Det damfotbollen behöver är tajtare, mer feminina kläder för att locka fler sponsorer” (what female soccer needs is more tight-fitting, more feminine clothing in order to attract more sponsors), named after a quote by FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Hm… That’s really not the smartest or most politically correct thing to say when you’re the boss of something but then again, Switzerland does seem to have a view on women that has changed very little since the times when America was a hot, new discovery.

Personally, I would say that what female soccer needs (sensitive readers beware – this may offend you. I don’t care) is better players. The last time I tried watching a female game, I got bored withing 5 minutes. Keep in mind though that I’m easily bored by soccer, I only care about the European Championship and the World Championship, everything else can go to hell.

Obviously, you can’t really buy these clothes, but you can see them in Halmstad and later on in Skövde (it’s not exactly the MOMA, is it?).

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