Girls + Meat = win!

Ok, this is a bit of an unusual theme so I am surprised that two shirts this similar to each other showed up so close to each other. I am of course talking about girls and meat.

First out, The Hundreds have realeased yet another bunch of shirts, amongst them this oddity. It would seem it lets you know how to cut up a nice looking young lady into edable parts, should you ever wish to do so. Getting meat cuts lines like these tattooed on me is one of my favorite tattoo ideas of all times (but since so many of my old tattoo ideas have, over time, proved to be complete SHIT, I’ll most likely remain un-tattooed). Anyway, get the shirt here.

Second shirt – holy shit, it’s the second Lady Gaga shirt to appear in the blog, and just days after the last one! Refering to Gaga’s… unusual sense of dress, I suppose. Get it here.

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