Original music – not as bad as I thought

A while back, I was quite hard on the Tutti Frutti shirt by frenchies Original Music Shirt. Well, everything I said still stands, but as Hide Your Arms reminded me the brand existed, I went back and found some other stuff worth mentioning.

Video gamers are suckers. Well, maybe not suckers, but… I just have this feeling a lot of people waste an awfully big chunks of their lives on… nothing? I like computer/video games myself, I’ve just realized life’s too short so I don’t play them.

Quit Work Make Music “Don’t quit your day job” is the more usual line when people have musical dreams. Very rarely do you hear parents and guidance counselors tell kids to just go for it. Wear this and counter the trend!

My mum fucked with Elvis I loooove shirts where it’s apparent the designer doesn’t speak all that great English! I’m assuming this shirt’s supposed to indicate your mum slept with the king, not messed with him. Well, it doesn’t. Great great shirt, even if it’s not entirely intentional.

SAW fan club It’s not a great credit to today’s music industry that even I miss Stock Aitken and Waterman at times. Probably, this has more to do with me getting old than any decline in music quality though…

I like to move it Who doesn’t?

Don’t believe the hype With so many people looking for the next big thing – a lot of them are bound to get it wrong, right? Don’t believe the hype. Unless the hype is Ghost – that album is pretty damn good. I want to do a post on Ghost shirts – where can I find them?

2 Responses to Original music – not as bad as I thought

  1. Rœv says:

    The video games comment is sort of bullshit.

  2. Oh, was it? I’m sooo sorry mr No name. If you want to fool yourself you’re spending your time on something worthwhile, be my guest. The truth is, you’re wasting it on entertainment. For kids.

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