Squirrel driving a tank

Maybe it’s connected to my love of deer, I dunno, all I know is that I sorta like squirrels. I mean, after all, they’re just rats with big tails, but they’re still cool. Nothing though, NOTHING is so cool that it doesn’t get about 200 times cooler if you put it in a tank! If only this hadn’t been a V-neck (slightly too metrosexual for me or something, though I’m probably just insecure)! Get it here.

Speaking of squirrels, I went to see that film Winter’s Bone last night – great squirrel hunting sequence. I have to say they skinned it in a weird way though. Squirrels is about the only thing I’ve successfully hunted and I am proud to say I skinned mine in a much more efficient way. So, there. Thrilling, ain’t it? Apparently, you’re no longer allowed to hunt squirrels for eating in Sweden. Weird law. Kill ’em all – let chef sort ’em out, I say! Only… this guy looks like he could put up a bit of a fight.

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