I’m back (like it’s 1984)

You probably didn’t notice, but I haven’t been posting for almost a week. I’ve been in bed, to sick to be able to do ANYTHING except watch bad movies (I spotted ‘my’ drums shirt in the Rocker, that was probably the highlight of that piece of crap) and feel sorry for myself (something I excel at). However, I feel a bit better today, well enough to sit up by the computer for a while and so, Shirts of Satan returns. For you, only for you!

To keep things nice and cheery, here’s an upcoming shirt form Freshjive. Hell, I used to buy Freshjive shirts like 20 years ago, that brand is old (or ‘classic’ if you want to be nice)! If you haven’t read 1984, I strongly suggest you do. And I would also suggest you get this shirt, once it’s available – I like it a lot. Finding it was truly like finding a golden nugget in a washpan – the rest of the 2011 ‘collection’… not so great guys.

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