You actually expect people to BUY this???

Seems like all I do at the moment is complain. I’ll post some nice shirts soon, I promise!

Anyway, this’ll be a short one.

Hey Crooked Monkey! This has got to be one of the WORST photoshop jobs I have ever seen! Do you really expect people to buy your crap when you can’t even be assed to put together something that looks even remotely like the real thing?

Ok, I totally understand the fact that people might want to start selling shirts before they’ve arrived from the printers so they need photoshopped mockups. Or maybe you can’t afford to get good looking photos of the actual shirts, or have nowhere to take said photos or can’t get a model. Seriously though, photos of yourselves wearing your shirt, taken with a phone camera in the mirror in your basement bedroom would be better than this!

You know what I think? I think you don’t have these shirts! If (and that’s a big if) someone orders one, you send for it. From Cafepress.

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