1. Take drugs 2. Kill parents 3. Worship Satan 4. Metal.

I told you I’d start posting more old shirts of mine, and here’s one: my beloved CROATAN shirt!

First of all; Croatan is a band, check ’em out here. While I think their line-up (one guy on drums, one gal on guitar (that goes into one bass amp and one guitar amp) is really cool, I can’t say I listen to them all that much (which makes me a poser for still wearing their shirt. so sue me.). The drummer, Mark, used to be in Brody’s Militia with my friends Doug and Al (who were also, untin recently when they split up, in Hellnation), which is how I found this shirt – I think someone in the background in one of Doug’s photos on Facebook was wearing this shirt and I knew I had to have it.

Apparently, this shirt was made to mock kids that came to their gigs wearing ‘cool’ metal shirts for bands they’d never heard or didn’t like very much and the front… the front looks like one of my kids made it in MS Paint (the guitars… wtf?), but the back… The back! I love it.

1. Take drugs
2. Kill parents
3. Worship Satan
4. Metal

I have nothing to add to that. Genious!

Fortunately for me, Mark likes my band, so I traded him one of our shirts for this, which makes it even more special. I don’t wear this every day and yes, I’m a poser when I do wear it but I love this shirt to bits and I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon.

PS. My mum does NOT like this shirt, due to item #2 on the list. I, who am also a parent, still love it.

One Response to 1. Take drugs 2. Kill parents 3. Worship Satan 4. Metal.

  1. Kari Marie says:

    I have several croatan t shirts in size large and 2 of this exact shirt for sale for $7 ea with very little shipping cost. If anyone interested my email is metalkari1115@yahoo.com

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