No shirt today…

Ok, I won’t post any shirt today. What I will do, however, is to ramble on a bit about other shirt blogs. It’s saturday nite, I’ve had half a bottle of wine and a few beers and I figure I’ll do me a bit of complaining.  Maybe this’ll feel like less of a good idea tomorrow, who knows? Don’t worry though, it’ll just be minor complaints, I promise.

Now, I owe a lot to other shirt blogs. Hell, a huge chunk of the shirts I post, I find in other blogs. That don’t mean I have to love everything they do though, right? And more specifically, how they do it.

Here’s my main gripe right now: why do a lot of shirt blogs think they’re the five o’ clock news of the t-shirt world? It’s like a lot of them feel they have to report everything that’s happening in the shirtworld, no matter what it is. That’s not what blogging is about to me, it’s more about personal opinions, isn’t it? Maybe I’m just drunk…

Anyway, what got me started was that recently, Johnny Cupcakes released his/their/whatever valentines shirt (and some other, sports related, stuff – who gives a shit?) and EVERYONE writes about it. This happens EVERY time Jonny Cupcakes does as much as squeeze off a secret fart. Ok, ok, I get it – you like J.C. Well, I do to, sort of – the designs are often good and colorful, the whole brand and idea is very likeable, but still. I bet I’m not the only shirt blogger who reads all the other shirt blogs. When you’ve already read about the J.C. valentines shirt in umpteen other blogs, why do you feel the need to post it too? Because, believe you me, most of you don’t exactly have a whole new take on it, or put it in some new perspective – it’s just the same old “check out this neat shirt from Johnny Cupcakes” blahblahblah that someone else already posted 2 days ago.

This thing happes every time Crooks and Castles, Benny Gold or Threadless releases new shirts or a new “look book” and I’m fucking sick of it. I’m wondering if this might be caused by shirt bloggers making money from banners, which makes them “need” to post stuff often, which makes them post everything that comes their way. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me being a grumpy know-it-all fuck. In that case; sorry. If not – get your acts straight guys!

So, now that I have to shut up about every major shirt release for the next two thousand years, what do I intend to post instead? Well, it just so happens that I went through my shirt drawers today and took pictures of a shitload of shirts I had something to say about. Yup – my plan is to bore you shitless with old, worn-out shirts you can’t buy and probably don’t give a shit about. Tough titties, don’t look if you don’t like it!

Part of the reason why I went through my shirts was to weed out a few to make room for new stuff. And I did. Every shirt I couln’t honestly say “I like wearing this shirt and I may well wear it within the next month” went to charity. Well, except a few select ones that went in my ‘on probation’ pile – I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away even tough I probably won’t wear the much. Maybe they should go into the archive box in the garage (ooh, I need to go and get photos of THOSE shirts too some day, that’ll be great! For me, not for you, that is).

Ok, that’s all folks.

Or, actually, not all. I would just like to add one thing about Jonny Cupcakes. Me and the wife usually go to London evey spring and this year is no exception. And since J.C. is opening a store in London in March, I did make damn sure we’re going there the week after. Expect a few photos from my visit – not that every shirt blog in the world won’t already have covered the grand opening by then, but hopefully my own photos and my own take will make it worth your while (hey, it’ll take you what, 3 minutes, to read?) anyway.

Ok, that is all.

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