Holy COW, that’s an expensive ZZ top shirt!!!

If, like me, you’ve been on the lookout for a good looking ZZ top shirt, you know it ain’t easy  (I’m thinking about doing a separate post about this when I have the time – there’s just SO many ugly ones to show you). However, if you have the money, this mega rare road crew shirt would be… I dunno, at least you’d be the only one who had it. But then again, would you wear a shirt that’s this expensive or would you frame it? Damn, I thought that Shonen Knife shirt was pricey!

Still, I can’t help thinking – if you list a shirt at 1500 bucks, maybe you could include a bit more info abut what tour it’s from, how you got it and stuff? Just a thought…

For those who don’t quite have the cash for that shirt, there’s always this one too, at 100 Australian dollars (who knows how much that is, I sure don’t). This is one of my favorite ZZ top shirts, wish I felt I could afford it (despite the fact that the music had started to stink like a long dead skunk, the artwork for Eliminator is still bad ass). Get it here (eBay so hurry!)

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