Yeah, my shirt is in the paper!

Ok, so, tooting one’s horn is not the most attractive thing to do, but what the hell – it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to.

‘My’ newspaper did a feature today on three up and coming young, male, Swedish models today – a full page featuring the photo below and then a full spread with interviews. The shirt the guy in the middle is wearing is designed by me, for my band, for the tour we did in Russia in 2009 (a few extra copies were sold in Sweden when we came back).

So, who cares? Well, I do. It’s not like we’re gonna sell more stuff or be asked to do more gigs or anything now, but it made me smile. Also, I love the fact that the guy actually likes us – it’s not something some asshole stylist told him to wear to look edgy (remember Lady Gaga’s crusty studded jacket?). Ok, that’s all. Oh, the shirt – get it here.

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