Behind the scenes at Ugmonk

Typographical tees are all the rage in some circles at the moment. I enjoy skillful lettering and design as much as anyone else (to be honest, probably a lot more than most people) and while I still need more than just design to get really interested in a shirt, I love the fact that people do more than just slap their funny or profound statement on a shirt in Comic Sans.

Among the type focused tee brands, Ugmonk must be one of the most well known and respected, and for a good reason. I just discovered (through another blog) that Jeff Sheldon lets us in on his creative process in his blog (which I shall follow from hereon). To me, this makes the shirt a lot more interesting and being such a great human being*, I love the thought behind “Better than I deserve”. Read about how Jeff created “Better than I deserver” and “There’s more to life“.

*Seriously, though, I just stopped working for Greenpeace (where I had my eyes opened to all the environmental threats but also to all the possibilities that are available to us) and started working for the UN Association of Sweden. Being exposed to all the nasty things that goes on in the world (that UN tries to put a stop to/ease the effects of) makes you appreciate what you’ve got a bit more. Ok, enough of the semi-religious yapping, sorry.

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