Impossible shirt

The reason I’m posting this shirt is not its looks. I don’t think it’s bad looking or anything but who can say really – hell, they don’t even give you a close-up so you can tell what the damn thing says. No, the reason I’m posting it is the crazy project it promotes – The  Impossible Project.

A while back, Polaroid stopped making new film for their cameras. Like all other companies making supplies and cameras for analog photography, the had suffered a steep decline in sales and were forced to declare for bankruptcy. The owners of 300.000.000 Polaroid cameras were suddenly left without film for their cameras. What to do?

Well, a group of enthusiasts, formed around a team of former Polaroid employees, took over the lasts remaining Polaroid factory and set out to save the day. They gave themselves one year (one!) to recreate the very complex Polaroid film, without having the original formula. Very few (including themselves I guess, remember the name they picked?) expected them to succeed. But succeed they did (sort of, at least) – you can now get film for your old Polaroid and the team are now even looking at recreating the camera itself. I love people like these! With the recent fad of Hipstamatic photos and all, there should be enough interest in Polaroid photography to keep these guys in the black, I hope. Good luck from me! Get the shirt here.

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