Blind firefighters?

I clicked on a link that said “Finally, good looking shirts for firefighters”. What did I get? Black Helmet Apparel, that’s what. Now, the only profession I know for sure you have to have 20-20 vision for, is pilots, but I kinda figured they wouldn’t let blind people put out fires professionally. And trust me, there has to be something SERIOUSLY wrong with your eyesight if you consider these shirts to be good looking. That, or your taste. Yuck!

I remember stumbling across sites that sell packages of illustrator shirt prints that are ready to go, out of the box instant prints. I strongly suspect that’s the origin of these shirts. The photos are pretty horrible too. Sorry, muscle-man-who-I-would-keep-really-quiet-about-this-around-IRL, but your shirts are not for me. Or any sane person.

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