Russian eagle

Look, I’m not saying souvenir shirts are always a good idea, but if they fulfill a couple of criteria, they can be:

1. They’re from somewhere interesting or unusual
2. They look good (doesn’t matter how meaningful a print is or how great the band is, ugly shirts don’t get worn, period)

I picked this shirt up in Moscow when my band did a short tour of Russia in 2009, from the most touristy souvenir shop on the main pedestrian street and our Russian hosts rolled their eyes at me for being lame. Who cares, I absolutely LOVE good-looking eagle shirts (I also have one from Poland, I’ll post that some other day) and Cyrillic lettering and the gold color sparkles! Yummy.

Seriously, I wish I had a shirt from every country that associates themselves with eagles. Albania, Moldova, the u.s… Actually, I think I have a very american NRA shirt that’s been sitting in my friend Doug’s house for a few years, maybe it’ll get here one day and I’ll post a photo of it. No “get it here” link this time but I bet they’re still all over Moscow if you happen to go there. I bought a white and a blue one for my kids too, that’s how much I like it!

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