Home taping is killing the music industry

Yeah… if the music industry had only known what was about to hit them a few years down the line, maybe they wouldn’t have kicked up such a fuss about cassettes. Anyway, back when I wrote about cassette tape shirts, I mentioned this cassette/skull shirt and how it’s been abducted by cheap assholes trying to make their cheapness into something political. Now I’ve found a place that sells these shirts with the correct wording on them. Great. The website isn’t really all that confidence installing, but… live a little, whydontcha? Get it here.

That same site, albeit crappy, has a few other shirts I’d like to mention:

The presidential shirts, I found through John Holmstroms blog (don’t know who he is? be ashamed and do some googling), where he marvels at the fact that though they use the actual presidential seal, they’re still referred to as “Ramones shirts” (remember the post about Ramones shirts yesterday, right?).

Now, the Somalia shirt. I dunno, I just liked it. The media goes on and on about the exciting pirates off the shores of Africa but most fail to mention how the whole piracy thing started. I won’t get into the whole story now, let’s just say we drove them to it through our westernized greed and I’ll leave it at that (again, google it and you will be richly awarded, I’m sure).

The God Save the… shirt, well I had to include that, right?

The drumkit shirt, I posted my own shirt here when the blog was new and a few people have asked me where they can get one, and since Primark only keep their shirts in stock for like 5 seconds, here’s a chance to get something similar. I found another one the other day, I’ll try to post it asap.

Finally. The red, ugly, misspelled shirt is a crime to humanity, but it warms my heart to see a reference to the Dead Milkmen so I let it through. Don’t buy it though, mind! There ARE other DM shirts online. Maybe I’ll do a round-up one day.


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