Ramones shirts – done right (and wrong)

Here’s a topic I intend to return to: band shirts. Or, more precisely – band shirts where the band themselves (or their management, merch slaves, whatever) don’t exactly provide the best looking shirts, not even by far.

I won’t deny that the classic Ramones Presidential seal is an iconic print – in fact, I’ll go as far as saying it is one of the most iconic existing band shirts there is, together with the Motörhead skull and maybe a few others. But if you want it on anything but a shapeless, pitch black fruit of the loom piece of shit shirt, you’re not exactly spoiled for choice. I know this all to well because last year I decided I’d been without a Ramones shirt for too long – one of the ones I’d bought sometime in the 90’s having long ago been worn out (and temporarily turned into a very small flag) and the other one (see far below) having mysteriously grown too small for me. There are some great pre-worn presidential seal shirts made by a British company – the name escapes me at the moment, they make a lot of nice looking faux-vintage band shirts – but they cost an arm and a leg. I ended up buying a jersey like this one, only with yellow sleeves:

This combines the presidential seal with the other favorite Ramones print – Road to ruin (I wonder why there are no Subterranean Jungle shirts. Actually, no, I don’t.)

Anyway, for some reason, when the people that are entitled to make authentic Ramones merchandise come up with shirts, they tend to look like this:

Whereas, when other people design them, they can look like this:

See what I’m trying to say here? It’s like some of these people know that since they’re the official merch provider – they don’t even have to try, people will buy their crap anyway. Or maybe the poor taste of the general public is to blame – maybe more people actually buy a tie-dye Ramones shirt than an understated “Who is Joey Ramone” shirt (sorry, can’t seem to find that GREAT photo of Joey wearing one (UPDATE: Lars found it for me here, thanks!))? Can it be? Why do so many bands only provide shit merch for us, their devoted fans?

Like I said, there will be more of this, it’s not like the Ramones are the only (or, by far, worst) band at this!

To finish off, here’s a few nice Ramones shirts on people I know:

Left to right: my best friend Johan, wearing a Gabba Gabba Hey shirt made by some fashion company, my internet friend Pelle wearing the GREAT shirt that inspired this post (with the BEST line-up on it, I hate the fact that so many of the presidential seal shirts feature Marky (or even worse, Ritchie)) and finally my wife, wearing the Road to Ruin shirt I am no longer skinny enough to fit into.

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