FALSE – cooler than fuck stuff

Damn… I feel I should do some sort of investigation about False to find out what the hell this is about, but I’m waay to lazy. I’ll be unemployed after x-mas, maybe I’ll have time then for shit like that. For now, you’ll have to make do with my initial impression of False: they make tons of clothes, they like to put skulls, russian wording and ladies on their clothes and they’re a bit ‘edgy’ (or whatever the hell you want to call it when you put Hitler and stuff on shirts). Here’s some of their output:

They also do stuff called Better off dead, where they make pretty funny, fashion-related stuff:

(the one to the right says Anna & Wintour & Fuck & You – I fucked up the photoshopping there, sorry!)

If you only have time to check out a few of these masterpieces, try this one, this one aaand this one!

All of this stuff can be bought here, and although I must say 40 bucks is a bit steep for tees… maybe I should get myself something for x-mas.


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