X-mas shirts

I used to have a GREAT x-mas t-shirt from a sporting goods store in St. Johns that I got for free when buying my varsity jacket. I used to wear it every christmas eve. My wife always hated it though, and I suspect she’s thrown it way, haven’t seen it in a while (and to be honest, considering how long ago I got that jacket – maybe it was time for it to go).

Here’s a chance to get a new x-mas shirt tradition started, I guess. Vardagen (I wonder what their relation to Sweden is, using a swedish name?), who normally make bland hipster shirts, but these ones I really like. Also, I hate wearing knitted sweaters, they get too warm and they itch so this is a perfect alternative. I wonder if they could deliver to Sweden in time for x-mas? Probably not. If you live more nearby, get them here.

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