Rock n’ Roll is in… Spain?

I don’t speak much Spanish, which is a hindrance when trying to browse the great website of Naranjaschinas. Not my regular cup of tea – colorful, humorous prints, Illustrator style, but I still can’t help liking them. Prices aren’t bad either.

There’s just so damn MUCH on their website (maybe me not understanding the language exaggerates this feeling, who knows?) – there are longsleeves, pins, wallets, toys and much more, and more than a few prints are music related, which is always a plus with me. And not only the Smiths and the Cure, but also the Ramones (I have this feeling the Ramones are HUGE in Spain (remember ‘Loco live’?)).

My favorite though, has to be this one, hands down. There’s an eagle (even though it’s a bit cartoony) and it quotes one of the great old rock n’ roll songs. If I understand this correctly (from looking at the pictures, remember I can’t read what’s written here) the shirt also comes in a nice little embroidered bag. Nice, but completely useless. I like it! Get it here!

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