More links to nice looking shirts, OK?

Yeah, let’s wrap up a bunch of shirts in one post instead of posting a million different posts today. K?

First out, Print Liberation. They do a lot of nice stuff. Their website pisses me off by being a bit too hipsterish, but I can live with that.

At the moment, they also have a sale (albeit a pretty lame one) where you get 15% off if you order 3 shirts. Here’s some more of their stuff:

Save the stick! Yeah. I *may* be influenced by my loathing for people who don’t know how to drive a stick. These days, when new cars parallel park for you and have cameras on every side, it sometimes seems like knowing how to actually drive a car (yes, changing gears is part of driving) is a dying art form. Get it here.

Altru Apparel is a new company to me. What can I say, lots and lots of prints, some of which I like. Have a look at these:

Next up, Enclothe:

Ok, let’s finish this roundup with some disgusting christian assholes who think they are better than others. Others have put this into words better than I ever could, but religious people dissing people because they like people of their own sex, like having sex with them selves or any other thing that is none of these religious idiots goddamned business, that is a bit upsetting to me. Ex-Hypocrite my ass! Have a look at some of the charming prints sold by the Passion for Christ Movement (P4MC). I was thinking of getting one of these and wear it ironically but… no. No fun. Fuck off and die, will you?

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