Evil, man-eating Santa Claus

What is is with Finnish movie makers? They seem to come up with the GREATEST ideas (remember the space nazis?).

Ok, to get the full greatness of this, you WILL need to invest some time. I just did, and I don’t regret it. And hey, your time will be spent watching cool stuff on YouTube so it’s not like you’ll be suffering. Let’s get going.

First, watch “Rare Exports Inc.” here:

And then, watch “Rare Exports Inc – the safety instructions” here:

Ok, by now you have the idea. Santa lives in Finland. Santa is not nice. Professionals are required in order to handle Santa(s). Scary shit, ok? Now, get ready to start salivating, because… they’ve made a feature film:

Don’t know about you, but I really really want to see this. Here’s some more visuals:

Strictly speaking, there is nothing shirt related whatsoever in this post. However, I think we can all agree that the Rare Exports logo pictured below would make a cool shirt. Hell, the Santa logo pictured above would be pretty sweet too. Get to work, finns!

2011-02-15: Hot-ass update!
Faithful reader Soder just pointed out that there ARE too shirts to be had. I’m pretty sure there weren’t any when this was first posted, I’m glad they saw the error of their ways though, even though they don’t sell the logo pictured above – just the more official corporate logos of Rare Exports. Get them here.

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