The post where I break down and finally write about…

Johnny Cupcakes

Yeah, everyone loves Johnny Cupcakes, right? Well… Yes and no. I think he does quality stuff, no doubt about it, and the whole operation seems very professional, yet personal somehow, and I admire that. Also, the output is INSANE! However, the prints are just a bit too cute for my taste somehow. I love skull variations, you know I do, but still… Too polished. Too cutsey. Too… I don’t know, they just don’t make me reach for my wallet, even though I normally dig detailed stuff. The print pictured below STILL doesn’t make me want to buy it for myself, but if my wife – who loves baking – was a t-shirt wearer (the mega-rare Belle and Sebastian shirt I got her for x-mas years and years ago still show no sign of wear), I would totally get her this one for christmas. If you like it too, get it here (or here if you’re a lady-shaped person).

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