Reading is sexy!

…and so are librarians, apparently. I don’t know what it is with librarians but for some reason, there is an awful lot of shirts referring to them. Personally, I’ve never quite understood how it can be a profession that requires several years of college – how hard can it be to put books in alphabetical order and give anyone who raises their voice a stern look? Maybe there’s more to librarians than meets the eye? This plethora of shirts certainly suggest so.

Here are a couple of my favorite ones, She blinded me with library science and Reading is sexy (I wholeheartedly agree, don’t get me wrong here). But there are more:

A lot more…

Guild of Radical Militant Librarians

Some are cooler than others though. This one, pictured right, is apparently created in protest of the PATRIOT Act’s provision to force librarians to reveal which books their patrons were checking out. The Latin translates as “We know what you read, and we’re not saying.” and it looks great. More stuff like this please!

My favorite one though? This one. I don’t know how much sense it makes in English – “Referensex” is a book you can’t take out of the library, which makes it kind of funny. To me, at least.

Before I go, this whole implication that there is more to librarians than you’d think makes me even more nervous about having stolen the name from my blog from a… you guessed it, a librarian!


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