Black Friday

Ok, so this upcoming Friday is “Black Friday” – the day after thanksgiving when x-mas shopping officially start, when Walmart employees have been crushed to death by stampeding shoppers. Avoid dangers like that by shopping shirts from the comforts of your own home instead – there are some crazy deals being offered.

Iamthetrend has a fanfuckingtastic list of all the sales going on this Friday (I probably shouldn’t link to this, I’m burning a lot of possible future posts here, there are so many good companies in that list that you might wanna check out), I’ll just link to it since I could never in a million years compile anything near it myself.

Personally, I’m doing my best to avoid buying more shirts, but if there’s one company that’s tempting me, it’s the always awsome Deadburydead:

Unfortunately, I can’t find the shirt pictured in the middle above – it may already be sold out, but they still have the Shallow Grave shirt (right) that is one of my favorite shirts of all time and also a golden logo shirt (left) that I like a lot. And on Friday, these shirts sell for ten USD. TEN! Ten measly bucks. Insanity! Break out the plastic folks!

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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for linking to the post dude!

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