Nerdy shirts on good-looking women

I have to hand it to Nerdy Shirts – they’re pretty smart. And devious. If your targeted customer segment consists of sad people that are rapidly saying goodbye to their youth, and are likely to be (and stay single) – what’s the best marketing approach? Keep reading and find out.

People who create shirts with fashion in mind and charge 40 bucks for a shirt tend to use cool looking models and go for elaborate photo shoots and create the “look books” that I hate so much. Companies that make “funny” shirts tend to only display the print – not even a photo of what the shirt looks like – only a .gif of the print, because hey – a shirt is a shirt, right, you just want that funny print, referring to a cool 80’s movie or the latest SNL joke. More ambitious companies may at least stick their print on a standard mockup image of a shirt of just use American Apparel so that everyone knows in advance what they’ll get.

Nerdy Shirts are smarter than that. The first change they did, was to start taking pictures of the actual shirts, worn by actual people. At this point they used normal looking people, they even did a few shoots with real nerdy looking people, but also a few nice ones like the one pictured here, which is genius by the way. Hey guys – this girl is not a geek, no matter what her shirt says. Stop dreaming, ok?

Ok, so I’m guessing this did nice things with the sales for this shirt so Nerdy Shirts decided to up their game (I’m just guessing here but bear with me, we’ll get to the good stuff). They decided to go with better looking girls. But not scary good looking, right? No super skinny models with a hard look in their eyes, but a nice, friendly and warm, smiling girl-next-door typa girl. Smart. Devious. Get it here.

These days, the evil masterminds at Nerdy shirts has this down to perfection, I’d say. There is not one single shirt of theirs I’d like to wear (no offense – I don’t think they suck, it’s just not my kind of shirt and also, I prefer to conceal my geekiness rather than revel in it) but still, STILL! Every last shirt Geeky have released the last month, I’ve felt the urge to buy. Why? Have a look below and if your brain is wired in the same kind of faulty way mine is, maybe you’ll understand.

I think I’ve said it all already so I won’t say much more, except I think this works extremely well with repressed geeks world wide, I salute Nerdy Shirts for figuring this out and executing it in such a great way, I hope you all get very rich. Again – no scary models – warm and almost motherly looks but with a real hint of sex and danger – this will have pale, four-eyed and smelly nerds piling up Kleenexes in Mount Rushmore-sized piles all over the world.

So – evil geniuses at Nerdy Shirts. I’m sorry – I don’t think I’ll ever buy your stuff, but I will certainly keep an eye out for your future shirts.

Oh, and also, now that I’ve been dissing their shirts so much, they do have the rather amusing “Hello my name is twillight and I am a Dracula” shirt and a great Star Wars shirt that I might actually consider wearing if I didn’t hate the movies, the cult and the fanboys so much.

Ok, that’s it. Until next time!

Update: just after writing the above, I read this comic at xkcd, and it felt very related somehow, read it if you’ve got the time.

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