Yes – there is too an “I” in TEAM!

I know, I know – it’s been my policy to ignore Threadless. I hate their lame shirts, bland prints and ugly models. I know you’re supposed to be in awe of their success, their great business model and whatnot but I simply just don’t like the stuff they make, ok?

However, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to exist in an environment where motivational quotes like the one that inspired this shirt are in abundance, you’ll know why I love this shirt. And hell, I’ve only been an exchange student for one, short little year – imagine how sick of that shit you’d be if you’d actually grown up in the u.s. of a! I was on the track team and I HATED all those “no pain – no gain”, “weakness – it’s just pain leaving the body” crap they had painted on the walls of the gym. So, naturally, I also hate “there’s no I in TEAM” – a saying that’s frequently used even outside the world of sports. Fuck you! Get it here.

So, that’s it, a Threadless shirt that gives the finger to that saying. Move on, there’s nothing more to see here. Go read about the Romanes instead.

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