Oh deer!

I’m a big fan of deer. Along with the wolverine, it’s my favorite animal (which is slightly ironic since they’re mortal enemies – it’s almost poetic somehow and I bet incense OD-ign hippies would love to make a yin-yang reference out of it but stay away from my cool animals you smelly assholes!).

Anyway, were was I? Yeah, deer! Lately, I’ve noticed a great upswing in deer on shirts, which is probably good (unless there’s a backlash effect). Here’s a one I like, from Arkaik. Apparently, you can get this cheaper if you use the code JORDANARKAIK when checking out. Get it here.

Yeah, deer. My favorite tattoo dream is to get a BIG ass deer skull tattooed on my chest, with the antlers reaching up towards my shoulders. However, I’ve come to realize I can’t be trusted to come up with good ideas for tattoos, so it’ll never happen. I’m not one of those who think and old, embarrassing tattoo is just a nice memory of who you were back then. Dude, that howling wolf/dolphin/tribal/barbed wire/yin-yang SUCKS! There ARE laser treatments!

Back to deer. I’m seriously considering getting this piece of jewelry.  It’s pretty unisex, wouldn’t you say? Oh, sweet insecurity, to quote my favorite gay band, Pansy Division.

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