Scott Pilgrim vs the World shirts

So… I’ve been waiting eagerly for the Scott Pilgrim movie to hit the theaters in Sweden. Nope, I’ll admit this right away – I’m not a fan of the comic (although I have a feeling I’ll check it out shortly), I just saw the trailer earlier this year and felt it would be for me. And it was. Apparently it has bombed in the u.s. and I just read a long explanation about why, how it isn’t geared towards people over 30, people under 30 or geeks or pretty much anyone else. Except for me. I was aimed RIGHT at me! I love this movie to death. Go see it!

So, being me, I started looking for SPvtW shirts. And… I must say the results are slightly underwhelming for a cultural phenomena that is both a comic, a movie and a computer game. Ok, som I’m not very interested in anything related to the comic and the game, I just don’t dig the graphics all that much, but still..

When it comes to SPvtW shirts, there are several main kinds – shirts that can be seen in the movie, shirts that can’t and of course shirts for the Sex Bob-Ons – the band where Scott plays the bass (they rock).

The shirt I see people get most worked up about is the “Air quotes” shirt worn by Scott in the movie. I must say I’m not totally convinced. You can get it in several color combinations but… maybe you dig it, if so, get it here.

Next up, the PLUMTREE ringer shirt Scott wears for the first battle-of-the-bands scene. If you haven’t listened to this Canadian, all-girl band before, maybe it’s time you did? They’re good (or, they were). I see their Scott Pilgrim (yes, the comic was named after their song) 7″ is for sale on eBay for 120 USD. Ouch. The ringer is much cheaper and you can get it here (and several other places).

This Diesel Sweeties pixel skull shirt is actually a custom shirt made especially for the movie but as long as you’ll settle for a regular shirt (as opposed to a ringer), you can get this nice shirt here.

The “Funkalicious” is apparently another custom shirt for the movie, they even asked for permission for this one. The attention to detail! The video blogs from the making of the movie shows what spectacular attention to detail these guys are up to, maybe that’s why they are having problems making their money back in theaters right now? Again, if you settle for the non-custom version, you can get it here (first and hopefully last Threadless shirt I ever link to. yuck!).

My fingers are getting tired and I’m hungry, let’s lump a few together. Future evil ex is the shirt for those of you who plan to haunt your current love after you break up, I guess. There are a couple of Vegan Police shirts out there, here’s one. Personally, I hate smug vegans and like the scene where Todd gets beaten up after drinking half-n-half. Also, who the hell would want to wear a Gideon Graves shirt? That guy… zero bad-guy attraction, only creepy slimeishness!

Finally, the Sex Bob-Ons shirts. Now, even in the movie, they fail to have a good logo (which figures, they’re a new, unknown band) but still… The shirt on the left has the official SBB logo. Yuck.. On the right, we have Kieran Culkin and Seth Green holding up a shirt with the logo the band uses for a backdrop in the final band battle and I have to say it’s much nicer! Only… where can I get it?

Ok, we’re down to the last shirt. This is not the best looking shirt, I’ll admit that, but it’s still the one I would pick of all these shirts. Why? It pays tribute to the lovely Ramona Flowers (as seen with Culkin in the picture with the pixel skull above), that’s why. I can’t understand why people would concentrate on Vegan cops and evil exes when there’s Ramona? Get it here!

That’s all – go watch the movie!

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  3. There’s the Skull shirt by Todd, used at the Stage (Clash at the Demonhead):
    And the Bass Rock Band shirt used at the Battle of the bands:
    All by only $23,92 =)

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