Today is that rainy day, ok?

Every now and then, I come across a shirt that I like, but am not blown away by. I bookmark these for a rainy day. Well… it’s raining today – here’s a few nice (but maybe not totally awsome) shirts.

Embrace imperfection. Yeah. Who the hell likes perfect? It’s the flaws that make things interesting. This is also a great way of justifying imperfections in yourself, which makes it easier to get by, I suppose. Get it here.

There are 3 types of clothing I actually enjoy spending money on. One is, obviously, t-shirts. The second is (for some unfathomable reason) light jackets for fall and spring use. The third is sneakers. I like classic sneakers, nothing too fancy, just plain old Puma Clyde, Puma Suede, low-key Puma Brazil (yes, they exist), Adidas Greenstar and Courtstar and older versions of Converse Onestar – you get the picture; nothing too adventurous or colorful. I also like Coca Cola. Yeah. Get it here.

Finally, I like the look of this shirt, but I can’t figure out why to wear it. Sure, it’s got that nice Evil Knievel quality to it, but… I don’t quite get it. If you doo, get it here.

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