Mystery shirts – I want one!

A couple of times lately, I’ve come across shirts that have nothing but a big, bold question mark on them, and I think to myself: Damn, I want me one of those! The only problem is, they don’t exist – it’s just online shirt vendors’ way of showing they are offering you a great deal on a shirt you don’t get to see until it arrives on your doorstep. Yep, mystery shirts, grab bags, whatever.

The one in this photo is a bad photoshop job, but the last one I saw (but naturally can’t find at the moment) was bright red with a big ass whit question mark on it, and the mockup was done well and it looked sweeeet! So, either get cracking with making a shirt like this or tell me where I can get one. No, making my own at spreadshirts does not cut it, sorry.

(The pictured mystery deal is available from Advance)

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