Shirt link of the day – more Black flag (and an owl)

Ok, the other day I talked about Black Flag inspired shirts and lo and behold – what do I find today? Another one! This one from Hotlife, which seem to be a bit too much into thug life for my taste, but in case you wanna look like this tattooed bozo, here’s your chance.

Excuse me, clould you please make the print just a little bit bigger? I really like hiding 20% of my shirt prints in my armpits!

Although Hotlife mostly make shirts I’m not a huge fan of (great sentence, that) – they *have* made a shirt I really like. I also like the name, “Hootlife” (yeah, I admit to liking  puns and word games even though I realize this makes me a target for hatred and ridicule). Unsurprisingly, this is a collaboration – with “Senate” – and unfortunately, even the reprint is sold out. Look for it on eBay or something, I guess…

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