Ghostbusters revisited – again

Yeah yeah, I know, I keep talking about Ghostbusters tees (#1 and #2). I wore mine yesterday and there was much talk about it – among other things, I was asked whether it was a genuine vintage shirt. I was of course forced to admit that it’s just a distressed modern shirt, and tried justifying this by saying that all vintage Ghostbusters shirts are ugly, poor-fitting, cheapo shirts with a gigantic thick plastic sweat-inducing blob of a print, nothing you’d wanna wear – you’re better off rocking a nice, distressed fake.

Anyhoodle, I found this by accident today and it doesn’t look THAT bad actually. Too bad it’s too small and costs more than my car (or maybe I should consider it lucky that it’s too small for me, costs considered). Get it here (if you’re small and rich).

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