Shirt link of the day: Feel the hate!

WOW, today is a great day for shirts! Or maybe that’s what happens when you don’t check your inbox for a while, good things build up I guess. Enough yappin, let’s get started.

Here’s a little deal I’m prepared to offer you: if you have a clothing company and you ever make a shirt as great as this one by Randr, just let me know and I’ll spread the word and heap love and affection on you and your company, ok? Always easy to sway with pictures of the occult, not to mention being in close touch with my hating side, I can’t recommend these guys enough. Buy their stuff now damnit! I know I will.

GPS clothing should be whipped in public for having a fucking Myspace page instead of a website – and yeah, it’s cool that you’re Hungarian but it’s no excuse! Anyway, I’m prepared to forgive a lot when you make shirts like this. Immature schmimmature, I love it! Get it… where!?

Finally, I’ve mentioned Redemption in the past. They currently have a sale going so check it out if you like their stuff.

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